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Cuasia Mission

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Mission and main activities about Cuasia

About CU-Asia

The Columbia University Asia-Pacific Development Society (CU-Asia) was established in 2006 as a recognizedColumbia campus organization. Today, CU-Asia is stronger than ever. We serve more than10,000 individuals, including Asian students, scholars,alumni,friends at Columbia University andother college students/professionals around the world. CU-Asia has become an organization thatbuilds mutual understanding and culture exchange between the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region,particularly Greater China. Each of our programs brings people from around the world face-to-face, to exchange perspectives in an open and engaging environment. We host:


Info Session and Career Fair Events (宣讲会与招聘会)

We help organize info session and career fair events for our partners and sponsors. Our past partners includeIBM, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and U.S. Department of State.


“How I Achieved Success” Lecture Series成功影迹系列讲座)

We welcome leaders in business to share their success stories in this lecture series. Each lecture istypically followed by a roundtable discussion. It is a relatively new lecture series. Past speakersinclude Shi Wang(王石) and Naxin Yao(姚纳新).


Distinguished Lecture Series (大师讲坛)

Our distinguished lecture series brings the most eminent figures in various fields to the Columbia Universitycampus for a lecture. Free and open to the public, the series provides an opportunity to meet and learnfrom visionaries at the cutting edge of a field. Our past speakers include Qiuyu Yu(余秋雨), Dayi He(何大一), Henry Chang-Yu Lee(李昌钰).


Columbia China Forum(哥大中国论坛)/ China Development Forum(中国发展论坛)

Columbia China Forum provides a platform for leaders in a variety of domains to debate and discussissues of China. As a sub-forum of Columbia China Forum, the China Development Forum holds forth ona range of topics including business, politics, media, art and sciences. Under the theme of "ChinaDevelopment”, our guest speakers discuss challenges, trends and issues approaching China from a globalperspective. Past speakers include Robin Li (李彦宏), Kai-fu Lee(李开复), Jianqing Jiang(姜建清),Weihua Ma (马蔚华), Joseph Eugene Stiglitz (约瑟夫.斯蒂格利茨), Wen Jiang (姜文), and Lang Lang(朗朗).


New Students Survival Guide Program(新生生存指南)

CU-Asia is the proud producer of The Chinese Student's Survival Guide Program @ Columbia University, an invaluable and proven resource for both newly arrived and long-term resident students and scholars at Columbia University. The Survival Guide Program is consisits of a free pdf. version of Survival Guide, a series of open-access online videos about the Columbia campus, restaurants, housing, banking and mobile services within the Columbia community, and a yearly seminar led by senior Columbia University students and alumni. With this unique new student survival guide program, newcoming students can find out how to find housing, open a bank account, practice their English, explore New York City and make informed decisions about products and services as they prepare for their move and get settled into NYC life and study at Columbia University. 


Sightseeing Tours精品出游活动)

Enjoy the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin, browse the various goods in Woodbury, and step into the historical sites of West Point… Depending on the characteristics of each season, CU-Aisa will prepare rich and colorful outings –the Washington Cherry Blossom Festival, Woodbury boutique shopping, West Point Military visits etc. All allow Columbia students to enjoy the naturalscenery, cultural events and purchase gifts for their family members and friends conveniently during the holiday season.


Voice of Columbia 哥大之声校园歌唱大赛)

On November 22, 2013, the first "Voice of Columbia"competition achieved great success, as the first Campus Singer Competition for Chinese studentsin the greater New York area. This singing contest attracted many applicants. We eventually selected 12 finalists amongmore than 100 singers in the primaries, and invited a number of professional musicians who served as judge. The finale attracted more than 500 spectators. CU-Asia was delighted to provide such a platform for the Chinese students in New York area to follow their musical dreams.



Columbia Night 哥大之夜常青藤春节联欢晚会)

Since 2012, CU-Asia has successfully held three "Columbia Night" Ivy league Chinese New Year Galas, which includedwonderful performances not only from Columbia and other Ivy League schools Chinese and US students, but also a large number of China's well-known artists and groups.On the occasion of the annual Spring Festival, Columbia Night offers outstanding performances, whichmeldChinese and American cultures without losing the charm of authentic Chinese Spring Festival. Since it was first organized, each year it attracts more than 500 students form major colleges on the U.S. east coast, Chinese community leaders, community dignitaries and government officials. Participants in the “Columbia Night" have included: the famous performing artists Guoqiang Tang, Tielin Zhang, comic artistsKun Jiang, the first Olympic Games musician FengGuo, famous singer Yu Junjian Yu, child star Alpha, sing group Nine Month Miracle and Manhattan Symphony Orchestra.

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